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Measure I Funding

Measure I is the half-cent sales tax collected throughout San Bernardino County for transportation improvements. San Bernardino County voters first approved the measure in November 1989 to ensure that needed transportation projects were implemented countywide through 2010. In 2004, San Bernardino County voters overwhelmingly approved the extension of the Measure I sales tax, with 80.03% voting to extend the measure through 2040.

Funding Resources for Member Agencies

Looking for the CIP packet, the CPNA packet or reimbursement forms? Check the Funding Resources page...

SBCTA administers Measure I revenue and is responsible for determining which projects receive Measure I funding, and ensuring that transportation projects are implemented. Measure I funds are allocated based on a strategic plan. The Strategic Plan defines the policy framework for delivery of the projects and the Ten-Year Delivery Plan outlines near-term implementation strategy.

Because the policy, fiscal and institutional issues associated with administering Measure I are different between the San Bernardino Valley, Mountain and Desert areas, the County was divided into five distinct “subareas”.  These differences were addressed with separate policies in the Measure I Strategic Plan.

Map of San Berardino County
Map of San Bernardino County Showing Subareas

  • Ordinance & Expenditure Plan

    • Ordinance 04-01 
      Ordinance of San Bernardino County Transportation Authority providing for the continuation of a one-half of one percent retail transaction and use tax for local transportation purposes and Transportation Expenditure Plan from 2010 to 2040.

    • Ordinance No. 90-1
      Ordinance of San Bernardino County Transportation Authority Amending Ordinance No. 89-1 
      Relating to Implementation of a Transaction and Use Tax

    • Ordinance No. 89-1 
      San Bernardino County Transportation Authority Transportation Expenditure Plan and Retail Transactions and Use Tax Ordinance

  • Measure I Strategic Plan

    The Measure I Strategic Plan policies may be modified as necessary by the Board of Directors. Each proposed amendment is thoroughly discussed by representatives of the local agencies at the Transportation Technical Advisory Committee (TTAC) before it is presented to the Board for their approval.

  • Measure I 10-Year Delivery Plan

    The 10-Year Delivery Plan serves multiple purposes:

    • It provides a transparent list of projects that will be developed during the next 10 years

    • It defines the scope, schedule, and budget for listed projects based upon current information and assumptions.

    • It establishes a common understanding among members of the SBCTA Board, staff, member agencies, and citizens of San Bernardino County.

    • It sets a baseline upon which future changes in revenue, costs, scopes and schedules are measured.

    • It enables SBCTA to meet the requirements of bond rating agencies for the future sale of bonds.

    • It provides the basis for the preparation of SBCTA’s annual budgets for capital projects.

  • Programs by Subarea

    San Bernardino Valley

    San Bernardino Valley Subarea Programs Freeway Program Local Streets Program Major Streets Program Freeway Interchange Program Senior and Disabled Transit Metrolink-Rail Service Program Traffic Management Systems Program Express Bus-BRT Program Cajon Pass

    Victor Valley

    Victor Valley Subareas Programs Local Streets Program Major Local Highway Program Project Development & Traffic Management Systems Senior & Disasbled Transit Cajon Pass
  • Projects by Member Agencies

    Each year, municipalities develop their Capital Improvement Plans that identify the individual projects to be completed using Measure I local pass-through funds.

    You can review a Summary Report of these plans. Copies of the individual plans can be obtained by contacting the City Engineer of each of our member agencies.

  • State and Federal Funding Allocations

    The Measure I 2010-2040 Transportation Expenditure Plan requires that a proportional share of State and Federal funds be reserved for use within each subarea of the county.  In February 2015 the SBCTA Board of Directors adopted Policy 40023 to define and document how proportional shares will be determined for each State and Federal fund over which the SBCTA Board has allocation authority and how shares will be tracked over time. 

    Proportional Shares

    Allocation shares can be exchanged between subareas and are calculated based on factors such as population, highway miles, and maintained miles.  The SBCTA Board makes commitments of funds to projects through adoption of the Ten-Year Delivery Plan and project-specific actions.  The charts below document the current status of those commitments (allocations) that the SBCTA Board has made since the beginning of the Measure in 2010 through 2024 throughout the county for Surface Transportation Program, Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Program, State Transportation Improvement Program, and State-Local Partnership Program funds.  The charts indicate each subarea’s share of the total commitment of these fund sources relative to the subarea’s allocation share.  The first chart also shows each subarea’s share of how much of that commitment has been obligated (has been or is currently being expended) vs. how much is programmed for future use, which gives an indication of the timing of delivery of projects throughout the county.  This information is used to inform the SBCTA Board in allocation decisions to ensure that each subarea will receive their share of these funds over the life of the Measure.

    Equitable Shares vs Current Commitments

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