City County 2022 Conference

2022 City County Conference
April 7 – 8, 2022

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Session Descriptions

Session 1A – Changes in Housing Laws: Implementation challenges and opportunities:

 Join our panel as they discuss how jurisdictions can partner with the affordable housing community to increase affordable housing where possible.

Moderator: Steve Pontell, President and CEO, National Community Renaissance


  • Katryna Gonzalez, Housing Director, City of Ontario Housing Authority
  • Micah Weinberg, Chief Executive Officer, CA Forward 
  • Shelly LaMaster, Director of Integrated Care, Inland Empire Health Plan
  • Brian D’Andrea, Senior Vice President of Housing, Century Housing

Session 1B –  Emergency Communication Nurse System (ECNS): An update and discussion of ECNS and “Right Care, Right Time”.  (ECNS):  

 Join us for a review of this innovative program for improving emergency medical response since inception in December 2020, the lessons learned so far, the gaps in the system, and a discussion of next steps. 

Moderator: John Gillison, City Manager, City of Rancho Cucamonga


  • Art Andres, Director, CONFIRE
  • Leslie Parham, Emergency Nurse, Chino Valley Fire
  • Dan Munsey, Chief, San Bernardino County Fire
  • Harris Koenig, President, Harris Koenig & Associates

Session 2A – The Impact of SB743, Vehicle Miles Travelled (VMT) and Environmental Mitigation: What does it mean for your City:

Join this conversation about the impact of this legislation on local agencies and on possible mitigation options available.

Moderator: Jason Pack, Principal, Fehr & Peers


  • Charity Schiller, Attorney, Best Best & Krieger
  • Chris Grey, Deputy Executive Director, Western Riverside Council of Governments
  • Damon Davis, Planning/Land Use/Transportation 

Session 2B – You Gotta Do Something About the Homeless – Victorville’s approach to a balanced homelessness solution:

This panel will discuss how Victorville responded to loud complaints from residents and businesses and provided homelessness related services and enforced anti-camping ordinances

Moderator: Keith C. Metzler, City Manager, City of Victorville


  • Scott Webb, City Planner, City of Victorville
  • Cassandra Searcy, Homelessness Solutions Coordinator, City of Victorville
  • Jenele Davidson, Deputy City Manager, City of Victorville

Session 3A – Bridging the Digital Divide in the San Diego Region – As the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the San Diego region, the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) connects people and places through data-driven planning, building, and investments:

The SANDAG Board of Directors unanimously adopted a Regional Digital Equity Strategy and Action Plan that lays out a roadmap for improving broadband access and adoption throughout the San Diego region. This will be an overview of regional efforts, as well as an update of early actions underway to bridge the digital divide.


  • Krystal Ayala, Senior Partnerships Strategist, SANDAG
  • Jeremy Stanley, USPS Business Architecture Leader, Cisco
  • Robb Baer, USPS Business Architect, Cisco

Session 3B – Tackling the Problem of Illegal Cannabis Grows at a City and County Level:

This presentation will provide an insight on the extent of illegal cannabis grows and on various local enforcement, abatement and legal approaches taken by the city and the county.

Moderator: Keith Metzler, City Manager, City of Victorville


  • Jorge Duran, Code Enforcement Official, City of Victorville
  • Ignacio Nunez, Code Enforcement Chief, San Bernardino County
  • Lieutenant Marc Bracco, MBA,San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department
  • Joan Smyth, Deputy City Attorney, City of Victorville

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