Zero-Emission Multiple Unit (ZEMU)

Draft Environmental Document Now Available for Public Comment

SBCTA is leading the charge for a greener passenger rail future by piloting zero-emission rail technology for the new Arrow service between San Bernardino and Redlands. In 2024, SBCTA will debut the first in North America, battery and hydrogen- powered passenger train. The Zero-Emission Multiple Unit (ZEMU) rail vehicle will use a hybrid hydrogen fuel cell and battery technology to propel the vehicle, providing a cleaner transit option for the community.

A contract signing in 2019 between Stadler US and SBCTA cleared the path to begin the manufacturing of the first two-car hydrogen-powered passenger train to operate in the United States. Providing a hydrogen-powered rail vehicle to passengers is a critical milestone demonstrating SBCTA’s investment in the county’s sustainable future, zero-emission transportation options and the transition away from using fossil fuels to protect the health of its 2.1 million residents and visitors.

To support the operations of the ZEMU vehicle, specific upgrades and modifications are required to the existing Arrow Maintenance Facility to facilitate hydrogen storage, refueling and required safety enhancements. The storage and fueling facility is currently in the design phase and construction is expected to begin in late 2023.

ZEMU will offer passengers the most environmentally rail friendly vehicle in the United States and deliver a balanced and sustainable transportation system for San Bernardino County’s future.

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