US Route 395 is one of the main north/south highways in southern California providing access to and linking economic centers, recreational areas, and urban and rural regions. This project widened US-395 between SR-18 (Palmdale Road) and Chamberlaine Way from two lanes to four lanes and installed turn lanes and signals at various intersections within the project limits including:

  • A new signal at Seneca Road, leaving a dedicated turning lane for northbound traffic to turn left.
  • Northbound motorists will no longer be permitted to continue north on to Adelanto Road at US 395 and will have to use another access point.
  • Holly Road will be reconfigured to only allow motorists to turn right from Holly Road on to US 395.
  • Added traffic signals at Mojave Drive to allow for two through lanes in each direction.
  • Ranch Road will be modified to include ADA requirements, along with adding pedestrian signals.
  • Air Base Road will be widened to two lanes in each direction. ADA improvements and new signal polls will match the new configuration.
  • Video detection systems will be added to Chamberlaine Way to help signals operate efficiently.

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